Whole-House Lightning and Surge Protection

Did you know that every year homeowners lose extravagant amounts of money because they did not protect their house or electrical equipment with a surge protector? That’s right! It’s as simple as that! Just taking one small step in protecting your personal property can save you from spending a fortune on personal electronic or appliance repairs.


Power surges are unforeseen, sudden, and abnormally elevated levels of voltage that travel throughout the building/home/facility electrical system which can damage, decrease the working efficiency of or even destroy electronic equipment entirely.


Surges can originate from within the building/home (through devices that have an “ON” and “OFF” switch, through telephone wiring, cable televisions, operating a thermostat, using your office printer, or turning on a vacuum) or from outside the building (caused by lightning strikes, cut power lines, down power poles or due to electric utility switching).

Since lightning strikes and power surges can occur to anyone’s property, oftentimes when least expected, by investing in a surge protector you can keep your mind at ease knowing that all of your electrical equipment is safe, secure and functioning properly.

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Why do we need surge protection?

Each piece of electrical equipment has a standard designated amount of voltage it can safely operate at and can oftentimes withstand slight variations in its set voltage amount. However, when unexpected electrical surges occur from faulty causes within the home/building/facility or from the outside as from lightning strikes or power outages due to damaged power lines the damage made to the electronics can be detrimental and irreversible. Surges can damage even those items that are plugged into an outlet but are turned off! Our Broken Arrow electricians can quickly and easily remedy this problem for you. Electricians of Broken Arrow offer a very affordable solution for whole-house surge protection!

Expensive Electronic Equipment Used Regularly and on a Day-To-Day Basis That Can Be Susceptible to Lightning Strikes or Power Surges:

  • Home Appliances – Refrigerators, Washers & Dryers
  • Personal Electronics & Anything That Connects to Outlets – Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones (continual surges lessen the performance of electronics as well as decrease their lifespan!)
  • TV & Other Home Entertainment Systems
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Fuse Boxes

It may be surprising to know that power surges are most often not covered by home insurance policies, and in order to maintain most warranties on your personal appliances and electronics, you ought to be using a surge protector.

Don’t worry though! Home surge protection is very affordable!

By calling our reliable, highly experienced and certified electricians at Electricians of Broken Arrow, your Broken Arrow, Wagoner, Coweta, Muskogee electrician, you could be one step away from protecting your most valuable assets! Call Electricians of Broken Arrow now at (918) 221-9523.

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