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Switches and electrical outlets put the most pressure on our electrical systems. Everyone nowadays has a multitude of appliances and electrical equipment in his or her home that is bound to be plugged in and out consistently over time. This (as well as turning on/off lights within the different rooms of the home) causes a strain on the electrical system and wiring within it, thus, weakening the connections. This can result not only in appliances shutting off in the middle of their operation (which is annoying) but can also cause fires!

Our Broken Arrow electricians are thoroughly trained, highly experienced and receive constant training in regards to switch repair and outlet repair. They are skilled in knowing how to keep them running safely, smoothly and operating within the proper codes. All of this makes our Broken Arrow electricians highly qualified in updating electrical devices within your commercial building or home.

Electrical devices our experienced and certified Broken Arrow electricians can check:

  • Outdoor or Indoor outlets

  • Dimmers

  • Remote Switches

  • GFI outlets

  • Window AC outlets

  • Floor outlets

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The Purpose of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device (GFCI or GFI): the primary purpose of this device is to protect humans from electrocutions and shocks. What a GFCI outlet looks like is similar to a standard outlet containing two, three-prong plug-in slots; however, it also consists of two buttons on the front of the panel: “TEST” and “RESET” buttons. You know your home is equipped with a GFCI outlet when there are these two additional buttons on an outlet.

Electricity normally flows at a steady pace; however, when there is a surge in electricity (a “fault”), it can cause damage to human lives as well as to appliances and electronic devices. Electricity also has a mind of its own, and when not properly contained within insulated wiring (due to faulty wiring or a damaged cord of plugged in appliances or other electrical devices) it causes havoc – electrocutions and shocks. Because electricity travels best around water the most common place for a ground fault to take place is near a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink.

Here is where a GFCI outlet comes in: when it senses a sudden surge in electricity (above its natural rate of flow), thanks to its internal sensor (which monitors the electrical currents within the wiring) and a switch, it automatically shuts off the electricity from flowing to a device plugged into that outlet.

Since the 1970s, when Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter devices (GFCI outlets) were introduced, the percentage of electrocutions and shocks have astronomically decreased. However, damages in wiring and cords can still occur, and this is why it’s necessary for your residential or commercial building to have correctly wired and installed ground fault receptacles.

You can trust our experienced and qualified Broken Arrow electricians to come out and properly install or repair any or all of your outlets and switches. We offer a 100% guarantee on all our installation and repair services. We work hard, and we work fast ensuring the safety and security of your commercial or residential property by providing you with exceptional service, and all of your electrical needs met!

Call Broken Arrow electricians today and be at ease that after we come out to your location, you will be left with reliable and secure wiring, switches, and outlets – protected from shock and electrical fires!

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