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Looking to make your house, patio, yard, or garden more appealing with outdoor lighting installation? Look no further! We at Electricians of Broken Arrow have certified and experienced outdoor electrical specialists who can help! Call (918) 221-9523 for a no-obligation consultation with our professional electricians.

Not only can landscape lighting add aesthetic beauty to your home or garden but it can also provide more safety, security, and accessibility for your home. Similarly, you can create a more customized look inside your home by updating your interior with more modern light fixtures. With Electricians of Broken Arrow, you have the options of installing new light fixtures, upgrading to and installing LED outdoor lighting in order to save on energy costs, and retrofitting the current lighting systems you already have in place.

Electricians of Broken Arrow Lighting Services

Installation of Landscape Lighting & Low Voltage Outdoor Lights

A backyard party with your friends or an evening family get together right outside your home is enhanced when properly installed outdoor lighting is in place. It’s just cozier somehow with a warm glow in the midst of the dark surroundings. Whether you’re looking to add such ambiance to your home or want to simply upgrade to beautiful low voltage outdoor lighting, which is a safer, more cost and energy efficient way to go, we have professional electricians at 3H Electric ready to take on your home project! We are your landscape lighting installation company in Broken Arrow, Coweta, Wagoner, and Muskogee.

Outdoor Wall Lighting Installation

We at Electricians of Broken Arrow are experts at outdoor lighting and have highly skilled and qualified electricians who can safely install lights on the outdoor wall of your house or commercial building.

Outdoor Flood Lights Installation

Outdoor flood lights and Dusk to Dawn light fixtures are essential assets you can bring to your home not only because they provide ease of visibility but also safety and security for your property. Feel at ease when you have them professionally installed by our licensed and experienced electricians at 3H Electric. Call us today: (765) 491-7678 or schedule a consultation online.

Install Outdoor Garage Lights

If you want to increase visibility as well as safety around your home installing outdoor garage lights is the way to go! Our qualified electricians will examine your current electrical connections, decide on the appropriate locations, and make sure to install lighting that meets the current electrical and building codes.

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Outdoor Lighting Installations and Repairs

For years, Electricians of Broken Arrow has helped its clients improve their homes by making them safer and more appealing with professionally installed and upgraded outside light fixtures. We can do the same for you! Our entire team consists of well-trained and reliable electricians.

Whether you need installation, electrical repairs, maintenance, or an upgrade to your electrical wiring to meet your household’s needs and to maintain safeguards we are here for you. We want to make it possible for you to feel even more secure and more pleased with the look of your home, garden, patio or backyard!

If you live in the Wagoner, Coweta, Muskogee or Broken Arrow areas make Electricians of Broken Arrow your #1 electrician of choice!

Call us today at (918) 221-9523 for a free consultation or to schedule your appointment!

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