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Our Broken Arrow electricians are certified and experienced electrical specialists who can help make your home more appealing with indoor lighting installation. You can create a more customized look inside your home by updating your interior with more modern light fixtures; on the other hand, if you’re looking to make your home a little bit cozier we can help you create a lighting plan for that as well! Call Electricians of Broken Arrow at (918) 221-9523 to get started.
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Indoor Lighting Types to Consider:

Task Lighting – the most concentrated, used for reading or inspection

Accent Lighting – focuses on a particular area or highlights certain objects, such as art pieces, plants, walkway, or staircase

General Lighting (or Ambient Lighting) – fills in between accent and task lighting and illuminates larger areas with floor and/or table lamps and ceiling light fixtures

Incandescent Lighting – incandesce means to “glow.” An electric current passes through a thin filament inside a light bulb, heating it until it produces light. Incandescent lamps are easily dimmed.

Fluorescent Lighting – this lighting is very energy efficient (using less electricity than incandescent lighting), and thus cost-efficient, contributing little heat to the room. Many more color options are available in fluorescent light bulbs than incandescent, ranging from very warm, almost incandescent tones, all the way to icy white tones resembling daylight. Fluorescent lighting is especially useful for high levels of task and general illumination, and this type of light can be dimmable.

LED Lighting – this type of lighting is much more energy and cost efficient and lasts longer than any other type of light source. LED lighting does not contain mercury or other toxic materials. Installing this light source benefits both homeowners and business owners – there are fewer labor costs and lower maintenance in the long run!

With Electricians of Broken Arrow you have the options of installing new light fixtures, upgrading to and installing LED lighting in order to save on energy costs, and retrofitting the current lighting systems you already have in place.

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