Generator Installation and Servicing

How would you feel if during a powerful storm all your electricity went out and all of a sudden you couldn’t use any of your computers, the stove to make or warm up some food, or your refrigerator? How would you feel if the storm lasted for several days and you are still sitting at home without electricity, all of your food going rancid in the fridge and freezer from rising temperatures inside? You would not be happy for sure.

Here is where we come in – our electricians of Broken Arrow (also offering services in Coweta, Wagoner, Glenpool, and Muskogee areas), can come out to your location and provide you with the best generator installation for your commercial or household needs. The purpose of a generator is to deliver electricity to your home or commercial building regardless of the severe weather conditions outside. No matter if those around you are losing power and have to deal with the consequences you don’t have anything to worry about – when your building or home loses power standby generators turn on immediately keeping all your electronics and appliances running smoothly and efficiently.

Standby generators immediately turn on when your home loses power; so, you don’t have to do a thing. When you invest in a generator for your building, you will be at ease and have the peace of mind that through wintry, icy or rainy storms all of your electrical appliances will continue working, and the food in the fridge and freezer will still be fresh to consume. Your air or heat will continue to run within your building, you will be able to use all of your computers, and all of your lights will still be on! Generator installation is a must for areas with extreme weather.

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Generator Installation and servicing options

Generators come in stationary and portable varieties. Portable gasoline models are less expensive; however, their run times are shorter due to their need to be refilled with gasoline regularly. Another downside to gasoline generators is if the storm is immensely severe, covering a vast area, gasoline pumps may not be in working order. On the other hand, stationary generators, which run on natural gas, are more reliable because natural gas is widely available.

Also, Back-Up Generators (also known as Whole Home Generators or Standby Generators) have become more prevalent in the Broken Arrow area and its surrounding towns and cities as a result of power outages caused by severe weather conditions and power overloading in homes and commercial buildings. A home or commercial building generator can provide you with safety, security, and relief in that you will still be able to use all your necessary electronics and appliances no matter what kind of severe weather conditions are occurring outside.

We, electricians of Broken Arrow, care about each one of our customers and stand firmly behind each of our products. Allow us to come out and assess your commercial building or home and give you our expert advice as to which generator would work best for your needs. We work fast and efficiently!

Don’t leave your commercial building or home up to chance. Secure them with professionally installed generators by our expert Broken Arrow electricians. If you have any questions, want to know more about professional generator installation options we have available or are ready to invest in a generator for your commercial or residential building contact our Broken Arrow electricians today!

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