Ceiling Fan Installation

Our Broken Arrow electricians are expertly knowledgeable and are fully capable of installing a variety of ceiling fans inside any of your day-to-day work or leisure areas. Allow us to properly install a ceiling fan today, or call us with any questions.

From a productive work-flow due to the temperature feeling just right within a room, to a reduction in heating and air conditioning costs, proper installation of ceiling fans offers numerous benefits for your business or home. In addition to providing decor for the room, the use of ceiling fans is also beneficial for health as well as the environment. The environment benefits when the year-round use of ceiling fans decreases energy usage in both cool and warm months. Our overall health benefits from ceiling fans because the running fans don’t cause dryness in eyes, nose, throat, and skin like air conditioning units do, which absorb moisture from the air.

During warmer months you can save money on air conditioning bills by the use of ceiling fans. When it’s warm, a fan operating counterclockwise inside of a room will not cause an actual decrease in temperature but will create more of an artificial breeze, which evaporates moisture from your skin, thus, creating the feeling that the surrounding air is cooler. So, when a room is occupied with the ceiling fan turned on, the thermostat can be set to higher temperatures, saving money in the long run. When rooms are not occupied, however, it’s proper to turn the fans off because the running motor from the ceiling fan can overwork unnecessarily, creating warmer temperatures within the room!

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Ceiling Fan Installation Benefits

Did you know that the installation of ceiling fans in your commercial building or home will provide more cooling air flow in not only the warmer spring and summer months but also warm air flow in the cooler fall and winter months?

That’s right! In the cooler months, ceiling fans are generally set to run clockwise to keep the room warm throughout. Because heat rises and thus collects towards the top, ceiling fans operating clockwise push the warm air already close to the ceiling up and outward, disbursing it throughout the room. The result is a more heated room without any increase of temperature on a thermostat, saving money on heating bills. Additionally, even if the room is unoccupied, it’s okay to have the ceiling fans on because the warmer temperatures produced are desirable in the chillier months.

The following are various factors to consider when installing a ceiling fan:

  • Determining the appropriate location for the fan
  • Being knowledgeable about the angle, blades, and pitch of the fans to produce the right amount of air flow
  • Taking into consideration the height of the ceiling before installing an appropriate fan: 7 feet is minimum between the floor and ceiling fan blades
  • Choosing a good quality of fan that runs with minimal noise and performs well
  • Safely securing fans to structural framing using appropriate metal boxes
  • Making sure the electrical circuit is not overloaded and can handle both the fan and lighting fixtures if included
  • Determining proper wiring and switch connections

All these details and more our qualified team of professional Broken Arrow electricians will handle with care and precision when it comes to your ceiling fan installation. We offer fast service and affordable prices!

We are here to answer any of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us concernting not only ceiling fan installation, but any question you may have for our electricians!

Contact our expert team of Broken Arrow electricians today for a professional ceiling fan installation for your business or home!

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